Saturday, 4 May 2013

The English the English Really Speak

Test your knowledge of idiomatic English by trying to match an answer to each of the following questions:

1) Can you cook?
2) How often do you go out?
3) How’s it going?
4) What would you like to drink?
5) What did you do last weekend?
6) How much does it cost?
7) What did you think of the book?
8) What colour is it?
9) What are your main qualities?
10) What are you doing next Saturday evening?
11) Is it true?
12) Why haven’t you finished yet?
13) How would you feel if you didn’t pass your exam?

a) I just chilled.
b) There are just too many to list.
c) I could murder a cold beer.
d) The computer’s on the blink.
e) I’d get over it.
f) It blew me away.
g) We have people coming round.
h) It looks like it.
i) It’s hard to tell in this light.
j) Not as well as it might be.
k) Peanuts.
l) I can rustle up a dish of pasta if I have to.
m) Pretty much every day.

Answer Key:
1)l 2)m 3)j 4)c 5)a 6)k 7)f 8)i 9)b 10)g 11)h 12)d 13)e

A wide range of alternative responses, together with exercises and answer keys, can be found in 1000 Real Answers: English Phrasebook & Self-Study Guide (available on all amazon sites):


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